Another Blog? Why?

What’s the story here? (LOC)

A while back a friend suggested that I start a blog. This suggestion occurred about the time of my 60th birthday. This is a significant time because it means I’ve finally reached “elder” status.  I’m happy about becoming an “elder”. I don’t feel that I’ll be changing the world with great words of wisdom or world changing revelations. The technologies available just make it easy to share thoughts, pictures, music and more. It’s therapeutic for me.

I was studying the different blogging platforms and came across some forums discussing the differences between WordPress and Blogger. I created my original blogs (one for family sharing, one for personal “musings”) using the Google platform. I started this one to give wordpress a try.

UPDATE Oct, 18, 2015

I just came across this post which I published in 2008. In the intervening years I have continued to publish content. I still find it therapeutic to rant online. I did learn a bit about how to make a few pennies via Amazon Links and also more about the platform. After a hiatus with this particular blog, I’m re-energizing it a bit by focusing on life’s foibles and strangeness that I see in my life.


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