Happy Earth Day and the 3 R’s (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce)


It’s earth day and I was thinking of a fitting way to celebrate it. A friend gave me a composter that he had no use for, so I guess that would count as a Reuse  (from the 3 R’s). I loaded it with table scraps and plant debris to Recycle. Composting is a bit magical, the drum is full but will quickly Reduce in volume.

My other earth activity was purchasing some holly shrubs from Walmart. Walmart does a terrible job with their nursery stock. They unload from some truck and place these poor plants on a parking lot to dry and die in the sun and cold. But I will admit that the plants are cheap. I intend to Rescue these poor things and bring them back to vibrant health. This will be my Earth Day challenge.


One thought on “Happy Earth Day and the 3 R’s (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce)

  1. How could one not have a use for a composter? Ours is a godsend.. easy to fill and turn- year round and no stinky food in the trash. We have very little “garbage” once we recycle our paper, glass, plastic, cardboard and compost. I am so grateful for our town system. Being in Houston was an eye-opener that there is no recycling!.. Isn’t this 2009? I like your “r” for Rescue… I think we have a strong gene for that one!

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