Lowell Folk Festival 2009

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What can be better than a 3 day multicultural celebration of music, parades, craft demonstrations and ethnic foods that costs nothing to attend? The musical acts are rotated among various stages throughout downtown Lowell Mass, all within trolley or walking distance, which means that it possible to select the acts that you want to see on a single day. I attended Saturday, July 25th and saw most of the acts that I was interested in but sadly missed the Polka band. It’s worth visiting the Event’s website at http://www.lowellfolkfestival.org and make your plans for next year.

One act that cannot be described in words was Alash, a Tuvan throat singing group. This singing technique involves creating overtones by producing simultaneous voice sounds. It is quite extraordinary to hear.


Also the Brotherhood Singers doing A Cappella Gospel


DL Menard with Terry Huval and the Jambalaya Cajun Band


Dr. Michael White and the Original Liberty Jazz Band, these guys were wearing black suits on this hot July day (our first summer day this season).

LowellFolkFestival2009_3844_edited-1Also various street performers (except woman on bench)


Besides the music, there was the opportunity to pick up some free compost made from the refuse of the previous festival.


This event is highly recommended. The music is broadcast live from Boarding House Park Stage on Saturday of the event. It is also streamed online at http://www.wgbh.org.


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