Gilson Road Cemetery

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November seemed to be the ideal time to visit our local haunted spots in Hillsborough County and Gilson Road Cemetery fit the description of what I expected to find. The most reliable story seems to be that it was the private burial ground for members of the Gilson family who perished in a house fire. There are a number of “Baby Gilson” gravestones. It is a very small cemetery surrounded a wonderful lichen covered stone wall.

I took many photos with the hope of catching an image of a light orb as others have done, but with no success. Apparently the energy level waxes and wanes and I must have picked a bad day. I shall return again.

Gilson Road Cemetery

Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire

Gilson Road Cemetery

Sadly some of the more famous “haunted” cemeteries that I have visited have had incidents of vandalism. The worse example is in Pine Hill Cemetery (aka Blood Cemetery) in which the gravestone of Abel Blood was stolen.

Gilson Road Cemetery

The gravestone of Joseph Robbins, the “gatekeeper” of the cemetery. Stories are that his ghost pushes people back toward the gate.

Gilson Road Cemetery

I spent a fair amount of time near the back rock wall which is supposed to be the most “active” part of the cemetery. In spite of being alone I did not sense a presence, hear voices or see orbs of light.

Gilson Road Cemetery

The opening int the rear wall is considered to be the “hot spot” of paranormal activity. I could sense nothing and was a little disappointed.

Walter Gilson Gravestone

The most interesting feature of the cemetery is the grave of young Walter Gilson which features a drilled hole, definitely a bit creepy.



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