Dr. Bronner Soapmaker

Buy Dr. Bronner castile soap at Amazon.com

I was reminded of this wonderful product by a Facebook post this morning.

When I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation in Westminster, MA, I had a large poster of Dr. Bronner wearing very strange glasses while holding a bottle of his castile soap creation. He looked a mad scientist and apparently he was. He was committed to an insane asylum and was blinded by shock treatments. He pleaded with his parents to flee Nazi Germany when he fled and they were killed in the Holocaust. Read more about this fascinating guy on Wikipedia.

The soap is the soap of my generation. It was the soap of choice of my friends to use when bathing nude over in  the pond  at Wildcat in New Ipswich.

I would buy bags of his  amino acid balanced corn chips which sadly don’t seem to be available.

As good as the soap is (bio-degradable) the real treat is the packaging.The bottle is crammed with 7 font text from the good doctor himself. I have no idea what it mean but it just might change your life.

Dr Bronners Castile Soap

If you have the time read the entire text on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, it might just change your life.


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