The middle word in LIFE is

“Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Colonel. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged my mind. He’s a poet warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he’ll… uh… well, you’ll say “hello” to him, right? And he’ll just walk right by you. He won’t even notice you. And suddenly he’ll grab you, and he’ll throw you in a corner, and he’ll say, “Do you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in life? If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you”… I mean I’m… no, I can’t… I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s… he’s a great man! I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas…”

Dennis Hopper – Photojournalist “Apocalypse Now


“Hey, man, you don’t write to the wiki. You read it. The wiki has enlarged my mind. It’s pages are poetry in the classic sense. I mean sometimes, you look up something, right? And it will return nothing as if you weren’t even there. And suddenly it will throw hundreds of hits at you. Do you know that a word that sounds like ‘ick’ is the middle word in wiki? If you can’t keep your head with all those hits coming at you. While others are scrambling to make sense of your search, and all programmers doubt you – I mean I’m no, I can’t – I write little software. Little software. The wiki is great software. I should have been a visual basic programmer writing scripts in my mother’s basement…”

Paul Romagna – Software Engineer “Foswiki Now


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