Allergic to Life

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When I created a blog called “My Strange Life” I never imagined how easy it would be to find  subject matter.  In the television show Better Call Saul actor Michael McKean plays the role of Jimmy McGill’s brother who suffers from sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. It is an interesting plot device, one I had seen before when actor Anthony Edwards  played a lawyer with multiple allergies in the television show Northern Exposure. However real life is always stranger than anything you’ll see on TV. For example the folks of Snowflake, AZ.

Snowflake from Guardian News & Media Ltd on Vimeo.

A small community in Snowflake, Arizona, has retreated into the desert because they are allergic to the modern world. Wi-Fi, electricity, fragrances and other facets of modern life have made their lives intolerable, but is their illness real?

Video by Mae Ryan


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