Five Products from Hammacher Schlemmer That Will Make You Jump Up and Down Shouting, “Huh!”

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We at The Rotting Post proudly present the following completely real products that we officially guarantee will be used up to one time before landing in the back of your closet.   What’s more, they are all available at, the place to go for stuff that they sell there.

And remember:  If it isn’t Hammacher, it isn’t Schlemmer.

 1. Metal Detecting Sandals

I’ve often wondered, “What’s the latest fashion in searching for buried tuna cans and nickels and stuff at the beach?  I could really use that extra nickel, but…will I look stylish?”

Well the people at Hammecher Schlemmer have just the solution, with their eye-catching metal-detector sandals.   Let’s say that nickel I’m homing in on is buried under a beach blanket with two attractive young women on it.  Instead of sweeping over them with my out-of-style metal-detecting rod, and listening for beeps with big my headphones, now I…

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