Hermès – Because Love Fades…but status is forever

A shopping Guide

The Trumplandia Review

The holiday season is upon us, Jack Frost is in the air, and we’re here with our very own Holiday Gift Guide – brought to you exclusively by The Rotting Post and Hermes.

hermesfeature The following completely real items will be sure to bring you and your loved ones seconds of joy, right up until the package is unwrapped.

  1. Hermès Card Case in Swift calfskin with lambskin lining….$1,100


You don’t need to spend a hundred thousand dollars on a Mercedes S to feel like a rich asshole.  You need only throw away $1,100 on this useless cardholder, and you can be every bit as much of a douche.  Measuring just 3” by 4”, it’s small enough to hold nothing, and comes with a guarantee that it will get wedged behind a sofa cushion, never to be found again, before your holiday is even over!  Do we even…

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