Day 125: Quakers and Witchcraft

Mountain Man Traditional Healing


The Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, were often accused of witchcraft in the early days of the movement. The Puritans looked at the mystical experience of the Quakers as being more of the Devil than of God, and felt like this sort of “possession” as it was often referred to, was of the same kind as they saw with those accused of witchcraft. While both the Puritans and the Quakers put an emphasis on miracles and the working of the Divine in the world around them, it was the Puritans who often mocked and abused the Quakers for believing in the curative powers of prayer and Divine intersession. For the Puritans sickness was seen as being directly related to sin, yet for Quakers like George Fox idea was that the human, however sinful, could be freed by their relationship with the “Light” within us all. This philosophy led to…

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