Basement Stories

Time to get rid of this stuff


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I have a basement filled with decades of outdated technology, dried up paint, unfinished products, jars of screws, neglected kitchen appliances, wire, string, tape, disk drives, audio tapes, flower pots, quick fuse, IC chips, tools, glue, crayons, poisonous chemicals, burnt out fluorescent light bulbs, record albums, work clothing, ladders, laboratory equipment, computers, shell casings, sea shells, rocks, nails, plant fertilizer, plant killers, plants, living worms, a litter box and some other weird stuff.

I cannot even move about without tripping over some treasure.  I long to have a clear spot on the workbench to actually get something done. The time has come to purge of these items, but each on of them has a story to tell and I would be remiss as a blogger without telling that story. I’m starting this project after being alive for seven decades, but some of this stuff was collected by my dad  and foolishly was added to my “collection”.

I’ll start with something simple. At one time I had a pile of PC power supplies. They have a regulated DC current output of 12 and 5 volts which is convenient for different hobby projects. These are the remaining units. You want them?

IBM Power Supply
IBM power supplies

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