Basement Stories – Glass

Basement Stories


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My basement is a museum of forgotten memories and unfinished projects. On Saturday during the April Fools snowstorm I poked around and found some interesting glassware. It brought back some memories.

Basement Treasures
Among the antique bottles I found these decorative glass light coverings. I don’t even remember where I found these.
Basement Treasures
I’m old enough to remember seeing glass insulators on utility poles. I read that in the desert the clear glass ones would gain a violet tint from the sun’s ultraviolet light.
Basement Treasures
When I lived in Stamford, CT my dad would take me to Scofield Town Dump and we would scavenge for treasures. American Cyanamid dumped there and I would collect reagent bottles, test tubes and other chemical glassware. There was always a fire burning somewhere and among the pungent smoke I once found an antique banjo which was half burnt. I have no idea why I’m still alive. This is one of the bottles, but that is just food coloring.
Basement Treasures
Imagine my surprise when I found this mouse skeleton INSIDE this antique bottle. Why would this stupid thing crawl inside an empty bottle?  How did it get in? What a horrible way to die.
Basement Treasures
Each regional area has it’s own brand of soft drink. My wife was born on Vancouver Island and for some reason I must have picked up this bottle when I was there. It is one of those forgotten memories.
Basement Treasures
I do remember painted label San Miguel beer from my Navy Days. We drank enough of this stuff in the bars of Olongapo City in the Philippines.
Olongapo City 1970
Olongapo City 1970
I was pretty thin during my stint in the Navy. Note the 8 track player behind my right shoulder.

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