Clutter Project – A Few Surprises

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I was inspired by a recent downsizing talk by Dave Downs to clear up some of the stuff I have in the basement and attic. I discovered that Staples will take old computer hardware for no charge, so today I’m planning a road trip.


I have no need for another old desktop,  but I did remove the CDrom, zip and hard drives because you just never know when you might need one. I have a HP docking station but no matching laptop. The HP color laser printer was a gift from HP for my 25 year anniversary. It is incredibly heavy. It works but uses  four $80 toner cartridges which have run out.


These empty ink cartridges are going to Staples which I believe gives store credit


This was a useful item a few years back. It would allow a single keyboard and mouse to operate four different computers. However this unit is obsolete (see photo below).


No HDMI, no DVI, no USB


In the Attic I found some Easter decorations. It was wrapped in a newspaper from 2000. Seventeen years unused, time to go.


Among the junk in the attic I discovered some treasures. I have no idea why this hidden away out of sight for so many years.

Mouse Trap

We have mice in the attic and I suppose I should have checked my NO KILL trap.


All that is left of the mouse (or mice) are bones and fur. The beetles got the rest, then they died. Ugh, what a fate.


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