Basement Stories – More Stuff

More Clutter


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“Clutter, a free spirit, and a have-fun attitude leads to real creativity” – Bronson Potter

Not everything is clutter. I like this glowing dolphin that I found at the Green Center. The thing in front of it is hypnotic to watch.
I have a lots of ceramic insulators. I think the long narrow one was used when houses were wired with individual wires. The ceramic insulators were placed where the wires would be run between floor and and wall joists.
John Weber found this weird brass thing and now it is in my basement. I suspect it might be a ultrasonic transducer. The only clue is the label “Bubble Hole”.
A remnant from my days at Digital. A tie-wrap gun with preset tension for various sizes of tie-wraps.
Braided ground wire. I might use this to repair a missing wire on my utility trailer.
I found all these florescent light sockets with attached ballasts. I have no idea when I collected them, but they will be heading to the metal recycle bin at the dump.
All of my cheap bug zappers only lasted one season, but I have no idea why I didn’t toss them when they broke. I finally purchased a high end model that is powered by D size batteries. It is so powerful that it can set a deer fly on fire.
Fry Baby Fry!
Electrocuted remains of a deer fly in my high-end swatter
I found an electrostatic dust precipitator which worked for a short while. When it failed I kept the parts including these collectors.

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